Sunday, April 07, 2013

6 months and more

Philip had his 6 Month check up and shots on the 25th of March. He was a trooper with the shots. Cried but he did so well being happy during the day. He weighs 17.4 lbs and is 28 inch long! He is in the 90th percentile! That means only 10% of babies are bigger than him at this age. And the doctor said he is very advanced for his age. Awesome I have a super smart baby! The only bad thing is we found he has another ear infection. :( But this time I never would have known because he doesn't have a temp or screaming when sleeping. So he started on antibiotics. I hate giving them to him because I have to put him in a headlock. Ugh! Then I found out I also had an ear infection! Couldn't believe it! So I also was on antibiotics for awhile. But now we both are better. Thank goodness! He has been doing so well sleeping in his crib. Sometimes ha sleeps through the night and sometimes he wakes up but I really don't care because he is sleeping in his crib! We finally have news for my husband getting here. He has his embassy interview on the 23rd of April and the hopefully he will be here the 3rd or 4th of May! Yay! We are so excited! Well today is my birthday and I've turned 33! Can't believe it! Great start to the day was that Philip didn't wake up at night at slept in till 8! What a great present!

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